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Four years ago, Bettr was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in the fintech space who realised that the South African youth had a financial services problem. Young people were not being given the access they need to the financial products they deserved. It was clear that the youth of South Africa deserved a better shot at building a more secure financial future for themselves and their loved ones, and it was time that someone stepped in and championed change.

We started rethinking money as we know it, and we've called it Bettr because that is what money and banking needs to be: better. Together with our community, we're co-creating a new culture of money for a new generation of money-makers,starting at home in South Africa. We're building a digital banking app that is actively growing a financially savvy community, and equipping individuals with the confidence and currency to arrive at their aspirations. Bettr understands hustle: we are founder-funded and angel-backed, meaning that we have had to fight for its convictions and invest in ourselves when no one else would.