"I believe in growing and evolving" 🚀.

This is the spirit embodied by the multi-talented, Yamkela Mahlelehlele, aka Reignboow. She’s a fashion curator, designer, textiles up-cycler and is committed to her own evolution.

With a focus on using what's around her to bring her creations to life, Yamkela is part of a growing community of designers proving that swag can be sustainable. Doing things in all-better ways: that's #ANewCultureOfMoney ♻️🏆.

We sat down for another edition of #ConversationsInCulture to learn more about what drives Yamkela to create with confidence.

Full Interview👇

Marvellous: From the shoes to the hair… if you're wondering, who is this eccentric energy that is here, I'm chilling with – professional name, Reignboow – real name, Yamkela Mahlelehlele. Did I say it correctly? 

Reignboow: Perfect.

M: Perfect, perfect, man. Introduce yourself. 

R: As I said, I'm Yamkela  Mahlelehlele, also known as Reignboow. I prefer to refer to myself as a fashion curator, you know, because I'm about fashion and everything fashion, you know, from image consulting, to styling, to actually making the clothes, you know. So yeah, and that's me for now, because I believe in growing, you know, evolving, so for now, I'm that. 

M: Yeah, there’s definitely a space for growing and evolving. So, like I'm reading up on a whole bunch of stuff about you and you're known to make the best things out of trash. Apparently that's what you wrote. I was figuring out if I can even say that. 

R: Yeah. I love upcycling. You know, I had  this phase where I was so fascinated by curtains. Curtains, like I was like "no, why is this a curtain?". This could be something else. And I actually, I think it was three years ago, if not two, I made a collection, a mini collection. I made everything out of curtains that I found. I'm that person because you never know, man, it could have just needed your hand to be great. 

M: Snap! Let's take it down the road a little bit of what you said about owning a business. You're trying to create a business. Yeah, explain that a little bit. 

R: Well, it's been something I've been working on. But I recently put a name to it, my brand and fashion label, Colours of the Reign. The inspiration behind that name is: I change a lot. In two months, I won't look like this. 

When I see myself I see that I can be anything I want to be – any colour I want to be – you know.

M: A brand reached out to you, you know, a great app that said, "We believe in what you do and we want you to come alongside". How’s that experience been and what do you think about [Bettr]? 

R: What I think about the app, I even told the founder, like, "You guys – finally someone gets it". You know, as upcoming brands, capital is nowhere to be found. It's very hard and no one is willing to fork out cash for you, for your vision. But their business model, I believe, will help so many creatives and future billionaires. Because people end up giving up their dreams, their hopes because of capital. So the Bettr brand bridges that gap. It bridged that gap in a major way. Yeah, I was telling the CEO that "Bra, you are a blessing. Thank you. Thank you" 

M: On that note, man, thank you so much, Yamkela. Thank you so much Reignboow.

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