"Every time I spend I really think a lot about how that money is gonna come back to me” – @Leago_Scars

He's a fashion killer, Leago Scars. We sat down with the boundary-pushing fashion content creator, stylist to find out how he pushes the definitions of “menswear”, and how Bettr arrived just in time for his personal financial goals. 

The Full Interview👇


Marvellous: I'm sitting next to a top dog and OG when it comes to drip. If you haven't recognised this face already, something's wrong with you! I'm sitting across from Leago Scars as we know him. Tell us who you are, man. 

Leago: I'm the Leago Scars, your fashion connoisseur and creative genius. Yeah 😎

M: Man. How has it been bro – being in that industry?

L: It’s very great. Considering that I am a pioneer I am the one of the first people to really take a risk in this country – like to really push the limits to the broadest, broadest of mindsets. We live in a country where stability and rigidity literally controls everything. People are scared to take risks, so it's kind of easy for me to stand out in the world like that – because I'm insane honestly 😬

M: Yeah! Obviously you’re into fashion, but it aint your traditional fashion as you said. How has that risk-taking element helped you? 

L:  Like I said, it helps you stand out from the masses. Because everyone is scared to do this. Right now my nails are painted black. So for me, it helps inspire other guys to not let anything control them and not let society programme them into thinking: ‘I'm a guy; I should dress in pants and a hoodie and that's all.’ No 🙅‍♂️ There's lots of things you can explore. Fashion is an art form 👘

M: You’re someone who has multiple streams of income. How do you handle your finances across all of those and then still have some time for Leago Scars himself? ⚖️

L: Yeah…every time I spend I really think a lot about how that money is gonna come back to me. So I hardly ever spend on expenses because I've been really broke. I’ve been there, so if I'm ever going to be broke again, it's from investments and assets only! 📈

M: Wow! 

L: Yeah.

M: Gems!

L: And it's literally pushing me to the highest.

M: How important do you think this timing is? ⏰

L: The timing is so insane because I was literally about to start a new bank account that's strictly just for my investments. So now that Bettr is here, it's gonna help me manage my investments even better than that other bank – which was literally just going to use up my money. Like, Dee Koala said in the song: amaBroker asenza broke. 

M: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 

L: Literally that's what it saved me from. The timing was smooth. 

M: Perfect. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. 

L: Thank you. Easy 😎


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