"It's not really about your image – it's about your ambition and drive.”

He’s the dancer who broke through into hip-hop when few believed he could. He took on a global pandemic to join the Bettr movement in July 2020 and build a new culture of money, co-writing our anthem, #WeDeserveBettr alongside Dee Koala. He is Costa Titch.

Costa sat down with fellow creative, Marvellous Tshiunza, to talk about his creative hustle, and why you’ve always got to back yourself.

The Full Interview👇


Marvellous: If you feel like the room is shaking, there's something happening. There's smoke coming out in this room! That is because we have one of the best leading the game right now: Mr Costa Titch!


Costa: Yessir!


M: Bro, I ain't gonna delay man. How are you doing? 


C: I'm feeling Bettr. (Costa giggles) 


M: You feeling Bettr? What a word to use. Look man. Let's get straight into it. You were a dancer. Now you are a hitmaker: a musician. How did that road happen? 


C: It all started with my love for dance. I grew up in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. My mom says (that) when I was a baby, they used to put Jam Alley on, and I used to just dance in front of the TV. So it's just something that's been within me my entire life...and through dance, I was able to experience amazing things. We were able to  travel the world and compete internationally to represent the country. 

I still thank God for the opportunity to have been a backup dancer for Cassper Nyovest, because that really allowed me to, to realise that the vision I had as a kid actually lay in the artist, and not so much the dancer. 

Also, just the lesson that, sometimes when you're trying to get somewhere and you don't know how to get it?


M: Yeah? 


C: It's just a matter of going through it to get here.


M: Man striving for better things. There was a Bettr group that reached out to you. What did you learn from the brand? 


C: I've never heard of a bank doing this before. That's basically where it started. I was like, ‘Okay...music video. Song. This is unorthodox.’ But I liked it. It's the bank that we need – do you get what I’m trying to say? Just hearing the concept: the fact that it's for the youth, man. I feel like there's so many kids out there that really struggle with the concept of money and struggle with the idea of how to manage their funds. Shoutout to Bettr for that, bro. It's truly unique and it's something we actually need. 


M: But so you definitely believe that they're putting a shift in culture?


C: Oh, definitely. Who would dare, in the corporate space, to try and do something like that? I've been told a lot of times, “You're an artist with tattoos and stuff. Like you know, corporates aren’t gonna work with you.” Here we are: working with [a banking service]...Because at the end of the day, it's not really about your image. It's about your ambition. It's about your drive. 


M: Yeah, if it wasn't for time I could have gone forever, bro.


C: Bro! 


M: And on that note, I just want to say bro, like, thank you for coming through [and] for allowing us to learn.


C: Thank you for having me. 🤑


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