“We’re out here. We hustle and make it happen” – @NabeelaFlowers

That pretty much sums up the energy of Nabeela September, Cape Town-based creative consultant, fashion label owner and co-producer of a vegan-friendly cannabis-based ice-cream 🤯 

It hasn’t been an easy journey though. Nabeela had to learn money management the real-life way.

We sat down for another edition of #ConversationsInCulture to learn more about what drives this inspiring creator to keep pushing👇

Full Interview👇

Marvellous: I'm sitting next to the very beautiful Nabeela Flowers 🌸 How are you doing, man? 

Nabeela: Yeah, what's good? I‘m good. How are you? 

M: I'm cruising, man. Let's dive straight into it. Who is Nabeela Flowers? What does Nabeela Flowers do? 

N: So I am 27 years old. I started a creative consulting agency, I'd say about a year-and-a-half ago. It's been going amazingly 👩‍💻 And we've just recently opened a production division in our company.

I also started a vegan cannabis ice cream with my brother because I am lactose intolerant 🍦

Yeah, and lastly, I am on the verge of dropping my fashion label called Flowers Are Nice 👖It focuses on femme streetwear mainly because I saw that there's a huge gap in the market. With streetwear, most of the stuff that’s unisex is quite masculine. So I decided to dive deep – it's always been my passion. It's something I wanted to do from a very young age and I’d like to even study it. But, obviously, like growing up in a very middle-class home, your parents can't afford to send you to fashion school, so we’re out here. We hustle and make it happen. 

M: Yeah. Oh my goodness. What do you not do? You do everything man! 🤯

N: Yeah, I guess it's just figuring out what your niche is, where you are, and what you really want to do in life. I mean, I'm 27, and it's taken me quite a long time to really figure out my direction and my purpose. So it's aligning my purpose and my passion and making profit from that 💜💸

M: When you start seeing all those bags? I'd go crazy. If see bag coming in after bag?

N: Honestly it was lit. Obviously, like, we aren't people that just come from money. Like you're not used to getting like a R100k bag, you know? So I guess I had to teach myself and I learned the hard way by like, getting my first few bags that were quite a lot and blowing it just because I wasn't used to it. 

I realised like, you know what, I actually need to think about the future. Long term. What do I need to do to make certain goals happen? 

M: Obviously, you are part of this new brand that's coming up – a new bank. What did you think of the brand? 

N: I mean, I won't lie. I was shook because I was like, “Yho! Approaching me as an influencer? And I'm like, but I'm actually not an influencer.” But then I actually read the brief and I was like, you know, it aligns so much with who I am and my hustle. And I really appreciate that Bettr is about us young entrepreneurs hustling, trying to make our own, and it is a way for us to help us. I think it's rare, because most financial institutions, they just take you for a ride sometimes, you know. 

M: Geez, that was a whole creative consultation! I’ll have to pay you for that. Thank you very much.

N: That's what's up 😂 Thank you guys very much.

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