“I’m gonna do this.” Inspired by South African rapper Nasty C, Blue Kitty (a.k.a @BlueK SA) is making moves as a rapper, dancer and aspiring record-label owner with Blue Kitty Records. She was only 16  years old at the time of filming in 2020 🤯.

Marvelous Tshiunza sat down with the double-threat to find out how she got started so early on in the music industry, how she's learned to separate Blue K's money from her own money, and why the name Blue Kitty 😺.

Full interview 👇

Marvellous: Miss Blue K!

Blue K: Yes, yes.

M: How are you doing, man? 

B: I'm good. How are you? 

M: I'm superb. I'm surprised that, man, you are so composed – like you've been doing this for years! You're only 16! Yo, like, how do you get it right? 

B: Yeah, everything to me is just cool. I'm comfortable. I'm happy with this 😆.

M: You're really making a name for yourself in terms of rapping and dancing. How did it all start? 

B: While I was in primary school, in 2011 (in Grade One), I was in a hip-hop group. And then they stopped because our [hip hop] teachers went to SA’s Got Talent.  

Then I used to write poems, and these other guys at school were like, “You sound like Nasty C!” I was like, “I don't know who Nasty C is.” When I checked it out at that time, he had an album called One Kid A Thousand Coffins. 

M: Oh wow. 

B: And then I was like, “Oh, I sound like him!” [These guys] gave me the name Blue Kitty. Which is: my favourite colour is blue. And then Kitty stands for – since Nasty C is Nasty Cat – it's like a female version of that.

M: Oh! 😯

B: So yeah, I mean, I was like, “I'm gonna do this.”

M: Let's talk about money, actually. Do you have a manager? 

B: Yes, I have a manager. 

M: And how does that work out for you? Do you have a say in what you do? Or what they do? 

B: Yeah I have a say 😎.

So, what I struggle with is saving money. Because I love spending. I love clothes and shoes. So, I spend a lot of money. But this is where Bettr comes in, because I feel like it will assist me with  setting my goals and everything. 

M: Yeah…💪

B: Because one day I wanna have my own record label guys. So [Bettr is] gonna be a very great platform for me to set my goals right, you know? So yeah. 

M: How do you separate money between your personal life and Blue K's life? 

B: Before I was just like: the money that I got, I spent. Now I know: I save Blue K’s money. What if I'm going to need transport and all of that, you know? And then when I need personal things, then I separate that, yeah.

M: Yeah  I mean, being only 16...You said you had to grow up fast. I'm pretty sure you had to learn a lot of stuff as well, very quickly. Do you wanna maybe elaborate a little bit on what you learned? 

B: Well, I learned that not everybody can be your friend out there, especially in this industry...So I can’t be a 16-year-old with everybody and think everybody's gonna vibe with me. Sometimes people come with beef and all of that and then it's just like, “I thought you were my friend.” 😞 

...So now I can’t have that attitude. As well as performing. I had to learn, not everybody's gonna think I'm cute, you know? 

M: Yeah, yeah...

B: I have to, I have to suck it all up and say, “Dude, you do what you have to do.”

M: Yeah, man, like thank you so much. Keep dreaming, keep on being better. Keep on doing things. 

B: Thank you.

M: No problem, high five man ✋

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